MantraMessage: 03/16/20

Oracle Message for 3/16/20:

Take a moment and reflect on this image an word before moving forward. The most important part of any oracle message is your first internal response. This is the message from your higher self and TRULY the ONLY ONE THAT MATTERS!
Card from : Wisdom of the Goddess Deck by Colette Baron-Reid (linked at bottom).

Now that you have your personal message let’s weave in the global message:

“Sometimes life invites us into conditions that challenge us to the core.” YA! That is pretty much what is going on for a lot of people right now. And sometimes with an unpracticed mind it is easy to SPIN OUT OF CONTROL with fear. This message is here to remind you that you are human and it is okay to miss the mark. It is okay that you spin and feel scared and maybe react to stressful situations in ways that you are not proud of . Meaning you know your reaction, was just that, you not being aligned with your higher self!

YOU GUYS! Right now more than ever this will happen. We are all dancing on uncharted territory. We are all figuring out our new ways of responding so that we do not continue TO REACT!

And the first key is knowing that you feel off! That is GREAT! You may not be in tune with what feels ON yet, but you are at least in tune with the fact that you feel off!

How do we bring ourselves to a place where we feel better, more connected, and more aligned so that we can navigate this foreign territory with ease, kindness, and love. Which in turn, melts away the controllable stresses of life! “Now is the time for self inventory…

“Your alignment task is to be 100% accountable for your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, motives, and actions!”

The TRUTH behind FORGIVENESS: There is nothing to forgive! There is only the practice of seeing things/situation/people whole and beautiful.

The pain we feel is that the Illusion of our expectation of it/them has been broken, shattered, no longer whole an complete.

OKAY TOO FAR? Should we bring it back to what we can do in this moment when we feel things are out of our control?

WOW! Take a minute. I know that can be a lot. Meaning, so much of what we hear, read, and are told is that we “need to forgive ourselves, and then forgive others, and that is the only way we will feel free.

I am proposing that we begin with feeling free. See ourselves whole. See each person/situation whole and beautiful and in the highest good for all involved. You will be amazing how good you start to feel immidiately. GO AHEAD TRY IT! RIGHT NOW!

Pick something that is off: being at home with your kids far more than you are ready for. Your job being on shaky ground, your relationships being tenacious or strained. Your current economic situation not being where you want it:

AND NOW visualize the perfect outcome! Visualize yourself being truly happy, whole, and content. Visualize the other person receiving the love and light of truth. Visualize yourself achieving the perfect outcome of the situation/relationship. Do this with a smile on your face for 60 seconds and tell me you don’t start to feel your energy shift! IT MUST!

If you continue to do this type of visualization regularly, then all other perceived slights we feel we have done or we believe have been done to us will literally vanish. Those feelings of shame disappear. Contrary to this practice, if we focus on forgiveness of self or situation or other, we are starting by bringing up all that has been wronged and we are now attracting from a place of “wrongedness.”

You are your higher self! Your higher self is perfect. There is nothing to forgive there is only the work of aligning to that higher self everyday. Multiple times a day!

Say it with me: ” I am loved because I AM LOVE!” There is nothing that cannot be healed through the lens of Love. Start falling in love with your higher self daily, the voice you hear in your heart. Trust this intuitive gift that your have and know that you have the power to transform worlds from this space. Now is the time and this message is for you to know, now you have the power more than ever to feel this connection and make a seriously life altering shift FOREVER!

All my love to you always, my darlings,

Love your JOJO!

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