Mantra Message: 03/30/20

Oh my goodness in all the excitement of Month End and Live w/ Reagan & Jordan, I totally forgot to post YOUR MONDAY MANTRA CARD!

So here is the beauty that grabbed a hold of us this week and continues to permeate through the weekend! My intention when I pull these cards on Monday’s is asking for our global energy for the week. Meaning a vibration that we can fee, tap into, be inspired by, get affirmation from! You know… FEELING THE BIGNESS OF THE UNIVERSE, right in our hearts. 

It is in that vibration I send you this message, most likely, in perfect time and order;)

For those looking for a sign, this is it!

For those asking for affirmation, this is it!

For those needing hope, this is it!

And for all of us needing to pay attention to the good, this is it! 

I love you all so much! Let’s vibrate high for the rest of the week in our Creative Spark! ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ 

Oracle Deck Used this Week:

GODDESS POWER ORACLE DECK By Colette Baron-Reid click to purchase on amazon.

OH WOW!! Now is the time for connectedness in ways we have never connected before.

We all (well I do) need more centeredness, connectivity , and to share what is working!

The beauty of these oracle cards is that you already know the answers. It is always an alignment to who you are at the highest level and who you are becoming. Your TRUE SELF. How beautiful is that!?

This morning, I set my intention for the world, our community, for all of us who are ready and wanting to receive a message from the highest source right here and right now.

BRIGID: The Creative Spark.

My intuitive hit: We are all in a new divine space of creating. We are in a new realm a new world, a new place of existence. From parenting, to teach, from relationships and partnership maybe more close in proximity than ever before. And evaluating how we interact and existing in business. These are all areas where this new beautiful creative spark from above and below is here to support you. It is time to, as Abraham say, ‘tap in tune in turn on!” Turn on our intuitive thought and our loving heart to birth something beautiful!

Take this as your sign from the universe to DO IT! CREATE IT! Whatever this inward social distancing looks like for you, take this oracle card as a moment to look back and say I’ve done something powerful and meaning. take this energy and share this energy, our dreams will manifest into form!

As Colette says in the Empowerment Message for Brigid, “Inspiration and imagination are yours to play with right now. You effortlessly connect to your inner creative spark and make meaningful and beautiful experiences or yourself and others… The fiery Celtic goddess of creativity calls you to play in the artistry of your life, your work, and your loves. Brigid is whispering her sparkling music deep in your soul. Are you listening?”

For those who are reading this and saying, “um ya, not even close!” These last few weeks, the last thing most have felt is a sparkly soul connection to creativity. And first what I want to say is, IT’S OKAY! next I want to say, BE GENTLE. Colette offers some great words of wisdom in the Alignment Message from Brigid, “Sometimes you get into a creative slump, and you feel frozen in midair, unable to move in any direction. Perhaps you are unsure of the next step… Brigid offers you the alignment task of moving your attention away and remembering what it was like when you were little… What moved you and lit you up then is the same creative spark that can move you now. Playful curiosity is what’s called for… It’s time to be free from the burden of expectation you’ve set upon yourself. Don’t try so hard. The triple goddess of the hearth, the forge, and inspiration brings all her aspects together to help you sparkle!”

Now is the time my friends to let go of what has happened over the last few weeks, forget about what will be in the next few, and BE HERE NOW. Find joy in the littlest things that light up your soul. Just like they did when you were a kid. (rhyming was always my favorite as a child;) )

You have the ability to co-create the most extraordinary experience of life right now and Brigid id here to help you, guide you, and comfort you! Tap in my darlings, TAP IN.

For more good vibes and how to align to this spark, here is a fantastic Live w/ Reagan and Jojo.

With Love, Reagan & Jojo