Mantra Message: 04/06/20

This week’s card brought to you by The Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck

Happiness is an internal game.

Your Monday Mantra card is coming to you on a Tuesday ♎️ Full moon! Oh the synchronicity of a “day late!” Spoiler: IT’S PERFECT TIMING! 
The messages that came through yesterday when I was dropping into meditation were strong! 
So strong that it made the rest of my day kind of uncomfortable, if you can believe it! 
So, as I processed & internalized the depth of this message I actually had to pause and walk away. 
Now I know why! Hint: it isn’t something you can see, the meaning behind this card is something that must be FELT!

It cannot be external! Although laying on a beach feeling the sun is pretty close, it’s not the depth of feeling we are about to embark on!

Your Mantra card for this week is:

9 of Cups: HAPPINESS!

So often we have been conditioned to find happiness externally, through experiences, people, things. As of late, this ability of external happiness has been all but taken away. 
It’s almost as if the perfect storm is occurring for a deep dive into the Truth behind the feeling of Real Happiness. Or as Elizabeth Schermer of The Alchemy Mystery School evoked: “this type of happiness is being strong in our hearts. A trust. It is the power of joy to heal. 9 is a power number. It is healing joy. This card symbolizes the spiritual power of joy from within! This is confidence!”
Wow! Do you feel the difference! This is not circumstantial, this is not fleeting.
This is abundant overflow! Combined with the third Super Moon in a row, this ♎️ Full moon will call us, beg us, to go inward. Interesting as we are simultaneously forced to be inside right now! So intense, Right?!

So what do we do!
Well, if we do nothing, nothing will change! Not an option! 
If we are uncomfortable, and I imagine all of us are at some point in the day, we must take that moment to pause! PAUSE, feeling the discomfort and know that all it means is you have forgotten the deepest part of who you are. And the beauty is that it is not hard to remember. It takes all but a moment to breath in, drop into your heart, feel it expand. Feel the inner joy that comes from an ever flowing well inside of you and never leaves! Meaning YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!
In the mist of all that is going on around us, we must go to a place of stillness. We must carve out moments in our day to unlock the truth of who we are. 

This is where your power lies!
This is true strength! 

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