Mantra Message: 4/13/20

This weeks Oracle card brought to you by: The Spirit Animal Oracle Deck by Colette Baron-Reid. click to buy on amazon.

For this week’s oracle card, I asked for a message of hope. I asked for our sign of what we need right here and right now, to continue on in good spirits.

We are on week who knows of quarantine, yesterday was Easter and a lot of people experienced this holiday like never before. Nate and I are blessed to be quarintining with his brothers family. The kids have been off and on home schooling at our house and we have been helping each other keep our spirits and sanity high! So yesterday we got to spend the afternoon, cooking, laughing, eating, talking, drinking, dancing, playing (in no particular order.) We felt LOVE all day. I know for many, that was not the case, and I send you all my Love.

So today I, asked for a message from our animal friends, as we are on the verge of spring, warmth, and transformation. And in that fashion we say, “THE ONLY CONSTANT IS CHANGE!” and we are all due for a change, am I right?!

Again, I am constantly blown away by how these cards speak deeply to the request at hand. In so many ways, this card is perfect!

To know the depths of this invisible is to know that this statement is true, above all else. Although, we may feel alone, isolated, deprived of connection, the truth, if we really stop to feel it, is that “LOVE, ACTUALLY, IS ALL AROUND US!” (Love Actually, the movie, nailed this one;)

The Nightingale Spirit is definitely one of Hope and Prophecy!

As Colette Baron-Reid says in the Oracle Message,

“In the darkness of night, Nightingale Spirit sings her song of love and hope, a harbinger of dawn to remind you that the sun will rise again soon.”

Now is the time, my darlings, to remember this light. Know that in transitions sometimes the closer we get to the final shift, the last effort, the piece du resistance, can be the darkest before the dawn! This sweet Nightingale Spirit is calling to all of our hearts, right here and know, to let us know that the light is here! It is all around us and within us! This little song, this distant chirp, will become louder the more we quite our thoughts/minds and listen.

So carve out sometime today to be still and listen! To sit in JOYFUL HOPE, know that your transformation, our transition, is upon us. And that in the name of LOVE and LIGHT, we are all protected and safely being guided to the most beautiful next chapter we can image! Thank you, sweet Nightingale Spirit.

Today as you enjoy the sun, or open a window, or even just close your eyes, listen for the birds and know that each time you hear a little whistle, it is your sign that you are safely moving in the direction of Love!

For more good vibes on the love that is all around click the video below: