Mantra Message: 4/20/20

This weeks Oracle card brought to you by: Healing With The Angels by Doreen Virtue. click to buy on amazon.

Grab your journals for this weeks Monday Mantra card! We have work to do!!

The beauty of where we are as a species in this moment of time is that we still have a choice! Even when feeling confined, we still have a choice!

We have a choice to move in FEAR!
A choice to move in FAITH!

Our circumstances never determine our outcome! It is our CHOICES of how we respond and move through our circumstances that determines everything! 

Today’s MONDAY MANTRA card is that beautiful reminder that we all needed!


This is a sign to really listen to your heart! In times of uncertainty and unknown we must find the courage to have an UNWAVERING TRUST, not only in ourselves, but in the greater good! Faith in the unseeable! We must believe in the best of who we are, we must believe in the best is yet to come, and we must believe that we are all in this together, collectively evolving to a better understanding of what it is to be human! 

It’s amazing what we crave when things have momentarily been taken away. 

For me it’s HUGS! I miss seeing people and giving huge 6ft wingspan, wrap my arms around and squeeze with my whole heart, hugs!

But what I am realizing and TRUSTING is that my words are reaching those who need to feel this warmth, this connection, and this virtual hug! 

I know that we are all going through the ebbs and flows of emotion right this very minute!

I invite you all to grab a journal or a piece of paper:
Draw a line down the middle. On the left write out a list of all the things you miss! On the right, list all of the new was you are adapting and responding to your new circumstance. Take a moment to mourn the loss of what has changed.

Then bask is the feeling of pride for your ability to FIND SOLUTION IN YOUR EVOLUTION!

Trust and have faith in your ability to navigate the unknown! 
This is your sign, your 🙌🏻 from the universe that you are doing amazing and to keep moving forward: Eyes wide open to your capacity to grow and transform, dear alchemists!! 


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