Mantra Message: 05/04/20

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The Spirit Animal Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid

How to move through Uncertainty:

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Conversations about uncertainty.

Being in a state of flux is the new normal. 

It seems there is no longer a long term plan.

It has truly become a moment to moment reassessment and realignment.

I suppose, THAT is the only long term plan we can count on: to be vigilant, daily, with our thoughts and emotions.

To be gentle when we spiral to a dark space and to be grateful when we are full of grace!  (Remember that line! We have quite a synchronicity here when you see the card I pulled after writing this section!)

Today’s Monday Mantra card is pulled from this space of total trust and quiet confidence of the ancient saying, “this too shall pass.” 

Whether it’s your external circumstances or your internal emotional set point, the goal in life like @aliciakeys says is about getting comfortable with life’s groundlessness.”

So, for now I offer this card to you as a stabilizer, as a life raft, as a friend, who’s always there ready for you to ask to ride these endless waves together!


I wrote all of the above before I pulled this card. 


It was in preparation and to set the intention for what we are pulling in for the week. 

Do you see the synchronicity from the card I pulled from my friend Sophia’s Animal Spirit Deck, that I got her for her 11th Bday?

Uh oh… I feel a digression coming on!!!

I promise to make it quick: 

1. To any kiddos and peeps having birthdays right now, I send you love. I know this whole pandemic isn’t easy, but to layer on top you can’t celebrate your day with all the people you know and love is heart breaking.

2. For anyone wanting to get their kids engaged with using Oracle Cards.  This is a great first deck.  They love the animals and can relate to the messages most of the time though the images and what they feel without even needing to read the book.

Okay. Now back to the Monday Mantra card and the super cool synchronicity!

Turkey Spirit: Give with gratitude and grace.”

Do you remember the line I wrote above? 

To be gentle when we spiral to a dark space and to be grateful when we are full of grace!”

How cool that the Turkey Spirit doubled down on the “give with gratitude and grace.” 

This is how we move out of uncertainty and into a place of trust.

Colette reminds us in the Turkey Spirit protection message to: “let go of Any perception of scarcity or fear that if you give too much you will not have enough for yourself. Use your spiritual practices to reconnect with Spirit (God, Angels, Universe, which ever word feels most connected for you) and remember how it feels to embody abundance!”

In times of uncertainty know that you have the power to fear it or feed it OR breath and write a different story/belief. 

And right now this Turkey Spirit, as Colette says, “is here to tell you that everything evens out when you are aligned with the Law of Abundance… Abundance is yours!”

MY DARLINGS, so much better to breath😘

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