Mantra Message: 05/12/20

Definitions of Deep Knowing:

This week’s Oracle Card brought to you by:

Sacred Rebels by, Alana Fairchild

Who thought I forgot your weekly Mantra card?

Nope! Just needed to sit with this one a bit longer!

Has anyone been feeling a sense of a false catapult since the full moon?

Meaning: We feel like we “should” be doing something more, but at the same time, something feels off and like it’s not the right time to do anything?

Weird right? Cause normally the energy of the Full Moon will propel us and illuminate all we called in at the New Moon! 

This full moon was different and so is the Disseminating phase we are in right now! Over the last few days of moving through this lunar cycle, I don’t know about you, but I have had moments of overwhelming emotions. Cathartic experiences at that.   

I guess in some ways it is a release of the old, but at the same time I am not seeing clearly yet what is the NEW!

Are we ready for that deep sense of knowing regardless of what we are seeing?

Now is the time to ask how we may pull in or express a bigger image and vision for our lives. But there is a balancing battle going on in our minds! Releasing the past and getting a clearer vision for our future, all the while staying calm and focused in the present! 

Boy does this take will power and surrender! Calm and strength!

I’m talking about this beautiful duality that is so present in all forms of our human experience! Especially right now.

And this week’s Mantra card that came through is perfect to help us become keenly aware and present to that deep sense of knowing.


Fairchild writes:

“An illumination is erupting from within you as a vision that is bringing what was once obscured into clarity. This is not likely to happen as a blinding, stoking insight, but as more of a softer, gentle knowing. It is like knowing something without understanding exactly when or how you came to know it.”

You may be asking yourself, like I was, “but how will I KNOW, what that something is? How will I know which words to trust with all the ones that are flying around in my head, pulling me in so many directions, expectations, and shoulds ;)!”

This is where our practices come into play. Sitting in our stillness and consistently quieting our minds, asking our thoughts to soften and beckoning the softness of guidance, so that we may know the difference of what we feel we “should do” verses what we “know we are called to do”. That is the truth of DEEP KNOWING. Fairchild reminds us that we are “being asked to rely upon the clarity that is coming to you now, or has just recently come. Gently, but firmly, from a place of knowing, intend to act and take your next steps forward.”

You guys, this is big! We aren’t just talking about a temporary solution. Rather, we are talking about the big shift you have been looking for LONG TERM. The pivot that will having you looking back on your life saying, “that was the moment when everything changed.” Or as Fairchild puts it:

“Something that is far bigger than the immediate situation, issue or moment is of importance – although you will only have a dim sense of that possibility, at best. The situation you find yourself in right now may not be one of joy, but in time your will understand more of the bigger picture. You will come to see why things are happening the way they are, and how you are being helped on to the next stage of your path – even though it may look like an obstacle right now.”

So what must we do? we must understand like all transformations, the journey begins inside. The alignment that we create each day to our inner light will fuel the expansion we are stepping into. We will grow our trust as long as, like The Great William Shakespeare says, “This above all, to thine own self be true!” And even before the brilliance of Shakespeare, ancient Grecian sages gathered together and wrote on the forecourt of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, “γνῶθι σεαυτόν” translated as, “KNOW THYSELF!”

This is the deep understanding that we are all being called to let in and explore! The one that NO ONE ELSE CAN TEACH! Only you and your connection to your light and the light of your source can bring.

This is the spoken and unspoken thread that has been passed down, and built upon for thousands of years, through many wisdom traditions and cultures. And once your gain a glimpse of your understanding you will transform generations with your legacy of KNOWING! This is our work! This is “SHE FEELS, SHE KNOWS.” It has Begun!


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