Mantra Message: 05/19/20

Your Vibration is THE GIFT:

This week’s Oracle Card brought to you by:

Wisdom of the Oracle Divination Cards: Ask and Know

By, Colette Baron-Reid

Connect Daily in HIGH VIBES

Exchanging Gifts:

Physical or Non Physical!? That is the question;) 

Have you ever had someone say to you or have you ever said to someone:

“Your energy is contagious!”

In this vibrational exchanging world, this is truly the only gift; as all other gifts are meant to evoke a higher vibration of joy, gratitude, love, etc. It is THE VIBRATION we are after, not THE THING. 

We all know it’s never the physical gift that brings those feelings, right? It’s also not in the giving of gifts that we receive either.

It is in the operating at our highest vibration so that all (including ourselves) can feel our light when we enter their space. THAT IS THE GIFT! To stay in your light no matter your surroundings. THAT IS THE GIFT!

It is always this exchange of vibrational currency that evokes the deep awakening and connection to the energy and vibration that creates worlds! 

Furthermore, it is the allowing and receiving of this energy that is equalY, in fact, PRIMARILY as important!

Until we learn to fully receive and tap into this abundant Omni present source vibration, anytime we over give we will feel depleted. Maybe not at first, but once you move past your boundaries and away from your source flow, you will start to feel used, drained, and sometimes down right resentful!

Here’s the bitchslap! It’s no ones fault but your own! 

Wait, what?!? 

Yep! We must take full ownership of and responsibility for our giving and receiving of vibration!

And that’s the good news! I promise. It truly gives you all of the power to stay in high vibration to receive and strengthen your connection to this abundance so it is always refueling to give because you have so much overflowing!


So where do we go from here?

Welp, the even better news is that you are ready! As Colette says in the prosperity message of this oracle card:

“All your hard work and efforts-your commitment to learning, creating, and spending your time wisely- pay off in ways you may not have been anticipating. The gifts of yourself- your time, your ideas, and the energy of your intentions- are being reciprocated by the universe…”

What do we do from here to keep the high vibes?

# 1 Align (connect) to a higher vibration multiple times a day. Whether through meditation, mantra, music, exercise; which ever practice takes you to a place of stillness and out of the millions of moving thoughts your have throughout the day. The goal is to connect the mind  to source and be gentle with self through the process.

# 2 We realize we are human by choice and design. Meaning, we are meant to ebb and flow, miss the mark, and falter.  Be gentle with yourself and others when you or they are having human moments.

# 3 Know what you want. Having a clear vision of what you want in life,  relationships, health, spirituality, business  will shorten our illusion of the time it takes to bring it into form and experience.

# 4 Surround yourself with a HIGH VIBE COMMUNITY. People that light up the room. Remember that you can never dim your light to make others shine! The strongest vibration in the room ALWAYS wins out.

As Brene Brown writes, in her book Dare To Lead:  

“Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind.”

When I read these words my initial thought was “if I was unclear to others I was being unkind to them!”

Which is true, but the more I meditated on those words, the more I realized the truth when spoken to self!

The less clear I am about who I am, what I want, and intentionally tapping into my vertical alignment, the more UNKIND I am to myself! And wow! If we are constantly unkind to ourself how the F can we truly be kind to others! In this way there is no such thing as the ability to freely overflow and give!

These practices are truly a way to release judgment of self and other! And when we do that we reveal the greatest EXCHANGING OF GIFTS possible! The highest vibration of LOVE! Where all are welcomed and ALL ARE ONE!


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