Mantra Message: 05/26/20


This week’s Oracle Card brought to you by:

Goddess Power Oracle By, Colette Baron-Reid

From my heart to yours, I hope you feel all the blessings that come from this weeks MANTRA MESSAGE!

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge that the last few months have been a test on all fronts when it comes to knowing what to do with forced new beginnings! But I feel things are starting to shift! Do you feel that too?

 At times, a new beginning can come fast and dismantle so much in its wake. It is at that point we must push pause and realize there is so much more than just excitement that comes from a new beginning! In fact, if we can catch that emotional roller coaster a bit before it takes off, even better!

And sometimes a new beginning cannot come soon enough! The excitement and anticipation of a vision, mission, dream coming to life is one of the most euphoric feelings one can experience.

It is the gentle awareness of oscillating between joy and enthusiasm of what is here, and morning the lose of what was; that is a beautiful dance! One that we must get really good at, as the world we know is constantly shifting! We are constantly adapting to our new perceived reality and this adaptation with awareness of and gratitude for our deep duality is a must!

Okay! So now for the fun part!

Today we entered the Crescent Phase of this lunar cycle! And I am writing these words at 12:12pm pst!  And the card that came through from the Goddess Deck is 13: New Beginnings! 

Wow!! There’s A LOT to unpack here!


Let’s start with what the Crescent Phase may feel like. I find the best explanation is from my lunar journal by Elizabeth Schermer:

“Learning, struggling, & adjusting. During the week following the New Moon it is important to PAY ATTENTION to YOUR ALIGNMENT.   Feelings of resistance or fear may also arise from an INITIATION of NEW GROWTH, so pay attention to your inner alignment. Small refinements and adjustments will enable you to maintain focus and flow with the new stream of potential!”

I love that phrase: THE NEW STREAM OF POTENTIAL! 

Isn’t that what all New Beginnings are, the possible to to take an initial spark and turn it into a flame! A flame that when burning bright and fully contained from within has the power to illuminate worlds! 

Wow! This is huge! No wonder some may feel a bit scared, even vulnerable right now! Forget all that is going on outside and around us! The real shake up and wake up is that we have more fire in our hearts and souls than we know what to do with! Oh wait correction! We know exactly what to do with it and that is what may scare or excite you! The balance of fear and courage! 

Courage to move with the fire in spite of your fear! THIS IS WHERE NEW BEGINNINGS, transforms your internal and external experience and reality! 

It is time to light it up & tap into that spark and turn it into YOUR FLAME.

Okay so now that we have our spark what is the significance of 12:12. It is the sign of completion. The 12 months of the year, the 12 zodiac signs. 12 numbers on a clock. Jesus’ 12 Apostles. Each of these are examples of with every completion there is with our a doubt a new beginning, a new year, a new season, a new hour, a new story that will be pasted through generations for every.  

It is also a sign of stepping out of your comfort zone(the past) and stepping into your new life(future self) and what YOU do today is creating it all (the present). 

This is your power! This is your time to see your greatness in the mirror!

So now what;)

13: New beginning! Isn’t it cool that the natural next number of 12 is the one on this card! You caught that right!?

It is also one of the most precarious numbers in many wisdom traditions. In fact many institutions chose to exploit this number to promote fear and gain control!

I’m not going to go all conspiracies as I’m sure there are logical explanations for some of this, but riddle me this! 

13 is seen as a bad luck symbol! Friday the 13th. The non existent 13th floor button of the elevator. 13th  Trump card of the Thoth Tarot: Death/Rebirth. (although if you know it’s true origin meaning is beautiful and powerful.) 

So interesting how we, as humans the only species that does this: have come to have a few ways of looking at THE NEW.

One: curiosity with forward movement and a sense of openness with balanced caution for self preservation. (How most other species move forward when faced with new.)

Or two: fear, disbelief, distrust, and then with the propensity to tear down the new because we think we know better.

This is the sense of false control that needs to be let go of as we are ALL, as the human condition insists, entering NEW BEGINNINGS moment to moment.

As Baron-Reid says in her alignment message:

“The difficulty arises when we think we already know how something will go… The lesson is not in whether something works out but in how you manage your curiosity so you can experience something new!”

Let us Continue to live in he present moment and not argue with what is, but rather shine light on the truth of who we are and what we want to bring into form. This is our daily assignment: TO ALIGN. 

13: New Beginnings

“Everything has a purpose for new life. Even disappointments can turn into miracles. Trust that the goddess of the dawn, Eostre, will bring light and hope in your heart for good cause. Even if it’s different from what you expect, it’s always beautiful.” -Colette Baron-Reid

So as we are all going to be learning, struggling & adjusting  for the next few days, and the rest of our lives (human condition) I hope you read this message as a sign to stay aligned to that inner spark, turn it into a flame, and continue to enjoy with curiosity and joy, each completion and new beginning cycle that come your way. 

This is your card, YOUR SIGN, that you have what it takes,  so trust and believe that you have  the power to BEGIN NEW!


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