Mantra Message: 06/16/20

Conversations on Alignment:

This week’s Oracle Card brought to you by:

Sacred Rebels Oracle: Guidance for Living a Unique & Authentic Life

by Alana Fairchild and Autumn Skye Morrison

From our hearts to yours, we hope you feel all the love & blessings that come from this weeks MANTRA MESSAGE!

As we called in a message from the Universe, Divine Helpers, Angels, Friends and Guides, we asked for a clear connection the the highest good for all.  We asks for a recognition in what is needed for transformation towards our highest and best. 

It was as simple ask: show us what we need to know right now for our collective and each other to vibrate at the highest possible frequency. 

And WOW!  The Universe never disappoints! Can I repeat that: THE DIVINE NEVER DISAPPOINTS. 

Now, that does not me that we don’t experience disappointment, but I want to remind us… that is our HUMAN EXPERIENCE, not our Higher Self, Inner Being, or on that Divine Presence can ever carry!

So in that light, who is ready to carry forward the message from our Inner Beings? YES?! Me too! 

ALIGNMENT: step by step

This spread is a simple, yet deep: BODY, MIND, SPIRIT constellation. 

Body = your physical form, world, circumstance. 

Mind = your alignment, your focus, intention, choice, awareness, will. 

Spirit = Divine guidance, Universal Connection, INNER BEING/ HIGHER SELF. 

BODY: 12. Every Journey Starts With A Single Step.

Every Journey Starts with a Single Step… And the Bitchslap is that we then go and blow it by our less then wise belief and misguided scarcity mentality that our happiness will only be found in arriving at our destination or the physicality of our manifestation. 

The journey always begins with a sense we are being called. Called to step out into the ‘this is not a dress rehearsal’ awareness and to enter and claim the beauty and grandeur of who we were created to be and who we forever truly are. To feed off our fearlessness which is never denying my less then skillful choice of fear or resistance but the always always moving inspite of my pesty big and little fears. 

How do we go this. Stay in the FORCEFIELD OF THE GRATUITOUSNESS OF THE SACRAMENT OF THE PRESENT MOMENT. How do we do that? Appreciation, Satisfaction and a never ending stake in the sand of taking 100% responsibility for the quality our lives.  

Follow the breadcrumbs. Ask for signs. Caress your intentions understand and fall in love with the “I will”—“felt now as the power of pure receptivity.” Robert Sardello. Heartfulness pg 27

I find it so interesting that this card is numbered 12. In Tarot 12 is The Hanged Man. Which signifies a time to gather ones self by letting go and surrendering. When the Hanged Man appears it is a sign of encouragement break through old patterns and beliefs and to see things in a new way.

Now check out this PUNCHLINE! Gerd Ziegler writes in Tarot Mirror Of the Soul as an AFFIRMATION of The Hanged Man:

“I let go and realize, follow and accept the will of the divine in my life which reveals itself to me STEP BY STEP!”

Mind: 37. Focus On The Light

To focus on the light always includes the imperative and necessity of the willingness to embrace ‘luminous darkness’, which is the wisdom of ‘not knowing’.

Illuminating darkness or a ‘not  knowing’ always catapults us into seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and feeling all around us the mystery of grace or the gratuitous nature of our bitchass existence and seduces us into resting in the MYSTERY that we KNOW with every fiber of our being  is forever and a day, to the moon and back, holding us in the deepest, warmest, juiciest ‘take it to the bank’ embrace. This is how we begin to see in the darkness, the not knowing, from the truth that we have our being in the grand infinite never ending always extending ‘Field of Unconditional, Got Your Back Creative LOVE.’

Our #1 “job” is to find what lights us up and to do more of that. This is the light that we need to focus on. All of the other seemingly sparkly things will dissipate over time. The light inside you is connected to the light that creates worlds, and is begging to be shone freely in the world.

Spirit: 13. Power Of Attraction.

The Power of Attraction is our divine/human birthright bestowed upon us and yet the understanding of its ability to be activated in our lives is not a power of ‘effort’ nor even a power of ‘deliberate intent’ nor ‘the science of deliberate creation’.  That all makes us in a delusional way mistakenly act as if we are the reason, or the source from which all things come into existence and and there is no assertion only attraction. How do we do that?  Through the awesome power and Art of Allowing. How do we do that?  We care about how we feel more than anything and begin it continue to consciously choose thoughts that don’t give a damn about the state of our ‘as is’ reality. See with appreciation the gratuitousness nature that can only be experienced in the ‘SACRAMENT OF THE PRESENT MOMENT.  That is our TRUE POWER OF ATTRACTION

This is it. This is the foundation for all that is coming into form. It is law, and when we take full responsibility for the quality of our lives we will see the grace and beauty of this truth. So, if there are people situations in your life that are not ideal, look in the mirror and say ‘Thank YOU!’ If there are areas in your life that are amazing, look in the mirror and again say, ‘THANK YOU!’ You and every aspect of your life and circumstances are the living breathing example of the POWER OF ATTRACTION!

Power in the Balsamic Phase of the Lunar Cycle

On 6/16/20 we enter the Balsamic Phase of the Gemini Lunar cycle. This is the time of integration for this months work, as we are going to enter the Cancer New Moon on Saturday 6/20/20. It is a time to integrate all the insights and lessons we gained over the last 4 weeks.

Elizabeth Schermer writes in the Lunar Manifest Journal:

“This is a week for appreciation and optimism, even in what you don’t yet understand. Practice being fully available to the perfection of what has unfolded this month, and release attachment to the need for specific outcomes. The more you trust the Universe the more you can integrate your growth and anchor the momentum.”

We must continue taking Daily Single Steps through the darkness of the unknown into The Light of awareness… this is Our Power and how we will Attract everything.


MY LOVE TO ALL, Reagan & Jordan

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