Mantra Message: 06/24/20

Conversations on Illusion:

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by Colette Baron-Reid

From our hearts to yours, we hope you feel all the love & blessings that come from this weeks MANTRA MESSAGE! – In health, Happiness, & Freedom, Jordan and Reagan

This week we are all in it. Some may be feeling momentum carrying from the energy and initiation of the New Moon and Solstice last week, but if I were a bettin’ gal, which I am (I always bet on the universe) I would wager that most of us are feeling a but unsettled and a bit anxious with this current transition. The common example of this experience can shift and show up as doubt, fear, and even paralysis.

I know you are probably saying,

” Okay, Jojo, so what’s the good news? What’s my silver lining?”

You ready? THAT IS THE SILVER LINING! You are in it! You are in the transition from dream/ awareness, to pealing off the layers of ILLUSION. Now it time to look at and evaluate this doubt, fear, and paralysis in the FALSE SELF.

Illusion of the False Self:


Do guys ever feel the weight of transition?! The heaviness of change?! 
It’s enough to make my head explode if I let it!
So, how do we not let this combustion of the past and future thoughts implode!?
We must breath, ground in the present, and release! 
There are two choices. 
1. Come back to the present moment.
2. Fall to the human condition of allowing the “false self” to take the steering wheel into the momentum of doubt fear control! 

I hear you:
“Oh okay Jojo! Sounds super easy! Thanks!!”

Ya right! The thing we must remember is that in the beginning of this work it may not be easy, but it is that SIMPLE!
Daily, moment to moment breathes of awareness, create consistency of practice and like with building muscle, consistency over time creates Strength!

You are strong, and if you don’t feel it yet, know that you are building your heart centered muscle as the foundation of your ability to move through change!

This is our collective power!

The  greatest illusion ever propagated, the most destructive lie ever to be lived, the greatest betrayal of self  ever  to be committed, is to be under the influence of thoughts which become unquestioned beliefs, in which in a dis-eased fashion permeate every cell of our body, is the belief which holds our existence as totally separate from Source.  To misidentify our true self as merely an isolated ego, having to go it alone and who finds its existence in a world that has as its mantra “there is not enough, there is not enough to go around,” is where MAYA enters to ask us to become aware of this mistruth.  

It is the great ball and chain of an “un-lived” life.  In contrast, a life fully lived begins and ends with the ‘without a doubt” belief in, experience of, and a moving from  an uncreated ever-expanding, ever Self-Giving Source & that we are extensions of Source Energy.

Think about it.  Would we ever really step out onto the path awakening if we did not experience the insufferable pain of the above condition of our separate-self experience. Even if we , (like most institutional religion and modern culture)  give lip service to a higher power/ God or Source,  as we come into full self reflective consciousness, (around 12 to 14 years of age according to development psychologists, we still don’t have a felt sense, an experiential awareness of being held by this EXQUISITE, ALWAYS TO BE TRUSTED EMBRACE OF THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  And this is where all our programs for happiness in a compensatory manner get formed.

Without digging too deeply into the topic of The Human Condition and Awakening  suffice it to say our ‘biography becomes our biology.’  The body seems to be a warehouse in which all our experiences, the whole of our life, is recorded. 

Maya, the Great Awakener seduces us onto this path, if we should choose, of what is the vibration of all of Creation, the path of love.  It is the frequency of and the evolution of the force of Love. Teilhard de Chardin SJ, a Jesuit paleontologist wrote:  “Love is the most universal, the most tremendous and the most mysterious of the cosmic forces.  The physical structure of the Universe is Love.”   As a Jesuit theologian he developed a doctrine of “love energy.’  He always thought “all forms of love were primarily energy, as the ability to do work. Love is energy because it is able to accomplish things, make a difference, transform people.”  We are changed by being loved and by loving. “It is the energy of love inside each of us that makes us want to make a positive difference in the world…Love is the driving force of Evolution.”  [Teilhard de Chardin on Love.” By Savary and Berne]  We truly live in Teilhard’s words, a Divine Milieu.

Numerology and Tarot:

34 reduces to 7, one of the most highly spiritual numbers in numerology. It’s significance has a deep and wise current for asking all the questions to find truth. The 7 will not settle for the frivolous aspects of life, but rather will not stop digging until reaching the core of wisdom and existence.

When the 7 shows up in life, one “will be introspective and able to access their inner wisdom to a greater extent.”

Think of the extraordinary depth of this number:

7 visible planets

7 musical notes

7 days of the week

7 wonders of the world

The sacred geometry of 7 is associated with purity, unconditional love, and Spirit. It is the the pattern of creation that will make you one with the world. It is associated with the rhythm of life. This is the rhythm that we are all ready apart of, the rhythm from which we came. One in which we must be willing to tap into moment to moment.

The 7 in Tarot is THE CHARIOT:

The Chariot in Tarot is all about NEW BEGINNINGS, about charting a new path from a centered place of awareness. It is all about change for good and making decisions from a meditative Spiritual Path.

Gerd Ziegler writes, when The Chariot appears there is without a double all forms of new beginnings occurring. Whether in business endeavors, relationships, living situation or even at times all of the above, “nothing should be decided precipitously.” He encourages us that “everything requires exact examination and preparation.”

Here’s the deal, this does not meal paralysis by analysis! That is the balance we are referring to. In fact, Ziegler further writes, “once all the ground work is done, the new start should not be put off unneccessarliy.” This is the momentum of working through the illusion and calling on MAYA for clarity and movement.

Entering the CRESCENT PHASE of the Cancer Lunar Cycle

As we step into the next phase of this Cancer lunar cycle, Cresent Phase, Elizabeth Schermer of the Alchemy Mystery School Seattle writes in her Lunar Manifesting Journal: “Learning, struggling, & adjusting. During the week following the New Moon it is important to pay attention to your inner alignment. Feeling of resistance or fear may also arise from an initiation of new growth, so pay attention to your inner alignment.”

Elizabeth Schermer writes in the Lunar Manifest Journal:

“Small refinements and adjustments will enable you to maintain focus and flow with the stream of potential.”


MY LOVE TO ALL, Reagan & Jordan

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