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My Creative Power Lies in This Moment

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The Law of Attraction Cards Cards –
by Esther Hicks  (Author), Jerry Hicks  (Author)

From our hearts to yours, we hope you feel all the love & blessings that come from this weeks MANTRA MESSAGE! – In Health, Happiness, & Freedom, Jordan and Reagan

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38: My Creative Power Lies in This Moment:

“Whether you are thinking about something happening now, or something happened in the past, or something you would like to have happen in your future- you are doing this thinking now, and it is this present-thought vibration that the Law of Attraction is responding to, Therefore– your power to create is now!”

My Creative Power lies in this moment.  Well I’ll be darn if this bold, audacious sentence doesn’t smack of being an incontrovertible truth where malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is. But is it an absolute truth or is it a relative truth?

I surely do not desire to be ‘nit-picking’ here as I do believe CREATIVE POWER only has as its entry point into manifest form in and through THE ALL POWERFUL SACRAMENT OF THE PRESENT MOMENT.  In terms of Conscious Manifestation, a term Eckhart Tolle uses, ones ability to turn thoughts to things only has as its entry point the present moment as he calls from the title of his first book, The Power Of Now.

But let us dive deeper. Is it really ‘MY’ power as in, ‘I am the source of it’? The possible misstep here could be to then think you are in charge of how and begin efforting,  planning, living in your head, arguing with what is and before you know it you have lost your connection to what Tolle calls THE POWER OF NOW.   Abraham/Hicks exhorts we are extensions of Source Energy which denotes as Tolle deliciously states, we are emanations of the underlying intelligence of the Universe/Consciousness itself, within the trajectory of our own lives.  With that said my only opportunity to boldly exercise MY CREATIVE POWER is by leaning back into this FIELD OF PURE POTENTIALITY,  that creates worlds. 

The ability for us to answer the call of the ‘Sacrament of the Present Moment’, to be open to the seductions of the creative force, to choose through our intention, and then to develop the capacity of having stable attention to what influences we are under and if need be have the courage and hutspa to make the necessary adjustments [without getting down on oneself} to realign with our most noble mind and the vibration of non-resistant, no doubt thought, thereby making space for the law of attraction to bring to us  all the cooperative components necessary and finally but most important  is to live and move and have your being in the realization of the imperative skill which is the key to our creative power to give a big hot damn how you FEEL.

It really ups our game to be under the influence of the gratuitousness, the givenness, the gift of each moment. and remember the gift in every gift is opportunity. The opportunity to have an abundant life.  This is HEART AWARENESS, as the heart is the organ of spiritual perception and the PRESENT MOMENT IS THE ONLY PORTAL in which we have the power to be a cooperative component of changing thoughts to things. CREATIVITY IS IN THE NOW. So stop ‘dick-in’ around in your past regrets and for goodness sake give up low level futility and a lack lustre life, not to mention the breeding ground for all disease in our bodies, hearts and minds of worrying and regretting.

38 reduces to 11 Lust/Strength which reduces to 2 The High Priestess:

11: Oh the power of cultivating our power. When we exist from a place of being so deeply in lust with the present moment, all things are possible. This is our true strength. When we come to a space of TRUSTING ourselves, we tame all that no longer serves our growth/expansion. We chose to be here to move through contrast and to expand. This is how we become whole, we continue to live deeper in the present moment.

“To me, wholeness is the key to aliveness. It is more than just physical vitality, it is radiance, coming from being at one with yourself and your experience. Life then flows through you and radiates from you.” –Richard Moss, How Shall I Live.

2: The High Priestess:

The root of this Lustre, this radiant strength lies in The High Priestess. The meaning of Self Trust, Personal Guidance and INTUITION, stem from being tapped into the co creative forces of The Universe. The Calm presence that sits with arms open to all possibilities without reaction, rather with patience, brevity, grace, compassion, and a deep sense of knowing that all is well.

In different cultures She is known as ISIS, KUAN YIN, ARTEMIS. The divine feminine of taking the path less traveled: INWARD. All of these Archetypes, as Angeles Arrien identifies in the Tarot Handbook: “represent the journey homeward or the return to oneself.” This is the foundational intersection that leads to our ability to expand into our LUSTRE and STRENGTH.

AFFIRMATIONS to tap into your HIGH PRIESTESS Energy (from Angeles Arrien)

“I deeply value and honor the human being that I AM.”

“I am a very perceptive and intuitive human being.”

I trust myself adn value my sense of integrity.”

The power you have to cultivate you inner lustre and strength relies on your consistent connection inward to your higher self and that present moment awareness!


LOVE TO ALL, Reagan & Jordan

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