6 Lessons In 5 Months:


😳Welp! Wasn’t that a change of events!😳

I was reflecting over the last few entries in one of my daily journals (yes I have 4-5 journals I write in daily and nightly for different reasons) (no, they aren’t for the 4-5 personalities in my head… or are they?;)


AnyHoo, back to said reflection:

What I found was amazing! And now that I know I am not a total zombi with an alien growing inside of me, but rather, I am an expectant mother with a baby boy expanding daily, I felt inspired to write and share! And damn did that feel good!


I wrote about the 6 key lessons I have learned over the last 5 months! And no, it’s not all about pregnancy;)

It’s about business, failure, success, alignment, dreams and desires! 

And most of all, it’s about how this can help you move from a place of unrecognizable self doubt to a place of allowing with ease the next best feeling thought!


As you all know, or if you’re new here, you will come to know, I subscribe to the belief that our thoughts become our beliefs, our beliefs become our feelings, our feelings become our vibrations, and our vibrations are what we attract!


So over the last 5 months, these 6 lessons have become the transformative thoughts which I believe have me on the path to my highest and best abundant self!

Note to self: This is not a 6 step latter! RATHER, this is a dynamic spiral of infinite loops! So when you get to Lesson 6 know that it is truly the beginning of stepping ever more fully into Lesson 1! and on and on it goes! Have fun! Know that there are no mistakes. Know that your work is to align and allow! and that you CANNOT GET IT WRONG!




Know who you are and align with the highest version of yourself daily. What would it feel like to know, truly, deeply, in your bones, know that the UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK!? Would you feel ease and calm in each moment, knowing that the Universe and Source want all the same things for you that you do!? What would it feel like to believe that miracles can happen to you daily? This is an exciting time to be alive, because I am here to tell you that all of the above is true. And that you have the power to co-create the life of your dreams. HOW? BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS, you are the observer of your thoughts. The one who can hear you in your doubt, the one who smiles in your joy!


A quote from Abraham-Hicks who I will be referencing throughout this entry:

“Take your INNER BEING wherever you go. If you take your Inner Being to the party, it’s going to be a good party. If you take your Inner Being, the food you eat will be received perfectly by the cells of your body. Every word that comes out of your mouth will be beneficial to everyone who hears them with their ears- or with their vibration.


That’s what “Allowing” is. Always having your Inner Being present. And then, anything else that happens is always orchestrated perfectly by the Law of Attraction.”

So let’s start with the 1st page in my journal that I was reflecting on today that inspired this entire list…

Dated: 7/7/2020 You can look at these as DIALY MANTRAS: or my desires list.

“My desire is to align daily to the highest expression go my inner being.

To move from inspired action to inspired action.

To be mindful of my thoughts and to allow for ease and release of thoughts that no longer serve my growth.

I am ready to grow because I am deeply rooted in my practice of who I am, what I listen to, what I allow to stay and what I choose to let go.


I love becoming the leader and the example people want to follow, that I want to follow. In order to have influence I must lead by example.

I am ready to be a cooperative component to my own desires.

UUUUMMMMM… Do you guys feel that!? I sure do. I am calling more of this in my life NOW. I am absolutely feeling the feelings of this type of leadership, ownership, and overflowing connection to my higher self. THIS IS MY INNER BEING



So, if we are our Inner Beings, what are we not? We are not our fear. We are not our anxiety. We are not our doubt! This doesn’t mean that all of those things are eliminated, quite the opposite. In fact, they may creep in still frequently or from time to time ! HOWEVER, when you quiet your mind and focus on your desires, not from a place of lack, but rather from a place of your INNER BEING, of abundant gratitude that you can feel your desire here now, boy does that doubt and fear subside! It may not subside for long. But the more you align consistently the longer the doubt, fear anxiety, all the thing you are not, subside!

Doubt isn’t an over night friend! For me, it crept in slowly!

For me, it started to creep in when I got a phone call on 7/17/2020! The phone call was quite unceremonious and matter of fact! “As of DECEMBER 2020, you will no longer have a down team or income!”

INSERT SHOCKED FACE EMOGI with a swift punch to the gut!

Just like that, I had a little over 3 months to replace my business and income that I spent almost 13 years building! One that I had created well over a million dollars in, with a monthly residual that most dream of in our industry. It was safe to say that I was in the top 1% of my field and that I was ready to step into the next level of ownership of my leadership, when the proverbial door was slammed in my face!



Surround yourself with people who see the OPPORTUNITY through the OBSTACLE!

It’s important to note here that I am not, was not, and never have been in business alone! Sure, my name is on the S Corp, and I am the the owner and president of my company, but I did not build this alone! I love this industry for the simple fact that you cannot win unless you help others succeed! IT IS ALL ABOUT TEAM. And with that, I am blessed to have the most incredible team/family in the business. There are 4 key leaders and mentors who have shaped and formed the way I have grown in this industry. All 4 were on the phone with me that day we found out this life altering news! THANK GOD! And because I knew their loyalty, strength, and outlook, I knew and felt within minutes that everything would be okay! I even said, “you guys! Is it weird that I feel like this is a blessing in disguise?” It felt as if this was the cut tie we needed to step out of our comfort zone and into our complete expression of what we are all capable of, even though we didn’t ask for it and we would never have done it on our own. Have you ever had one of those moments?

An just like that, we were on the hunt for our next home! What happened next with this group of extraordinary leaders is nothing short of amazing! Within 72hours, of no sleep, tons of calls, zooms, investigating, interviewing and prayers, we found our NEW HOME. Our team launched on August 20, 2020 and had a RECORD BREAKING month in just 11 days! I was able to achieve 5 rank advancements and again achieve the top 1% of the company. but that wasn’t even the exciting part! What was the most thrilling is that my team was winning too. People who had never had success, or who had all but given up on the industry where winning and earning money! We came together, we made a plan, and we executed without knowing the how! But we sure had a why! It was the most fun 11 days I had had in over a decade! JUST THRILLING!

This is what I felt like most days!

We were cruising along in September with the same thrill of knowing everything was falling into place. And what was even better is that we were all now on the products from our new company. And HOLY SMOKES ! They were even better than imagined. Because of said products our moods were elevated, we were unticking our happy hormones and the dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins, our energy and stamina were building and so was the speed and growth of our team! We were on track for another RECORD BREAKING MONTH! We were discovering that this company had everything in place that we had been begging our other company to do! I was like a dream come true. TRULY, every box was ticked and then some!

And then in the last week of SEPTEMBER, when I was moving towards one of the biggest goals I had set, I was figuratively flat lined! I could barley get out of bed, I couldn’t stomach anything, and I had zero motivation to put any effort into anything. I had no idea what was going on in my body and mind! I had to stop all forms of physical activity including my daily workouts, which kept me sane! I could’t read or do any of my daily practices like journaling, meditating or oracle cards. My once physical and mental fortitude was shattered and that self doubt started creeping in rather quickly. I was so ill that getting out of bed to move to the couch felt like the only win I could muster! I was incapacitated and didn’t understand why!



Well, if you follow me on any form of social media, you now why… I WAS FREAKING PREGNANT! On Oct. 8th, 2020 after a week in bed, it was time to take some tests! Yes, I went and got covid tested first. Because you see, in my mind there was no way I could be pregnant! Nate and I truly surrendered to the fact that after 9 years of being together, almost 7 years married and trying to start a family, it was going to be “JUST US TWO.” (a la Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big.) So you can imagine that after years of specialists, doctors, IUIs, naturopaths, acupuncturists, our total shock, when the only thing the two of us added over the last 3 weeks were the new products from our company, WE WERE SHOOK! BLOWN AWAY! So much so that it took me taking and seeing 3 positive pregnancy tests to believe that this was real!


The joy and elation we felt were immense, but also fleeting… I WAS STILL SOOOOO SICK! Morning sickness is no joke, nor is it only sequestered to the AM! I must say, nothing and no one could prepare me for this experience! However when faced with the total dismantling of ones mental and physical state of well being, it is overwhelming to think things will be better! In fact, I started to believe that I was a failure. I started to see my new business fall and I was devastated by believing that my new reality would be one of pain, isolation, and regret!

How could the one thing, I always wanted, be the reason all of my other dreams were falling apart!?

Well the answer is… IT WASN’T, but I was in it. I was in the space of arguing for my limitations. I was believing the voices in my head that gave me every reason to stay in bed and cry! I was arguing for all the limitations and guess what, more were showing up! I started to burry myself in doubt and fear and believe this was real! OUCH! For about 3 months I was down for the count! It sure was painful because I know better! I knew how far away I was from my higher self, my divinely guided and protected self! MY INNER BEING!



This is the REAL WORK! Choosing how you feel, regardless of what is!

We cannot look at what is from our state of doubt and fear and lack and expect things to get better! We must as Abraham say, GO GENERAL! In their book “Ask and It Is Given” they lay out 22 processes for moving up your emotional scale as to “improve your point of attraction.” They also go into a 3 step process of how to receive. And if you listen to any of Esther’s recordings you know that they have added step 4 and step 5, that go as follows: Step 1 Ask(your work) ask for what you desire. Step 2 It is given (not your work) the abundant universe always provides and is ready and conspiring to give you all that you desire. Step 3 Get into the receiving mode (your work) from a place of well being and abundance, feel that you have what you are asking for. Feel the feelings of what it is to have the house, the lover, the money in the bank, as if it is all here now!. Step 4 Get really good at Step 3 (your work) visit that space of receiving as often as possible! Remember it is not Seeing is Believing, it is BELIEVING IS SEEING! That is how we bring what we have asked for into form. Step 5 Observe contrast as a way to identify what you really do want and go back to Step 1. (your work.) More detail and greater explanation of these steps can be found in another work of Abraham-Hicks called, “The Law of Attraction.”

So with these two books on audible because actually lifting my head and reading was not an option, I started making my comeback. I also would listen to little 15 min YouTube segments of Esther Hick and her work with Abraham. On days I wasn’t completely zombified, I did my best to as Abraham Hicks say, “pre-pave and segment intent for a better feeling thought.” I worked my way through that emotional scale!


LESSON 6: which also takes us back to Lesson 1…


ASK! Desire is the deepest truth of who you are. Desire is your quiet joy and loud beckoning of exactly the moment you become whole and show the world who you are! The question then becomes are you a cooperative component for your desires. Every moment that we are defending “why not” we are in a space of resistance. Nothing can ever come to form when we are in a space of resistence. This is the joy of co creation. When you ask for what you want from a place of knowing who you are, the ever expansive abundant source and universe, there is no other outcome than seeing what you want come to form! It is Law! Make this your new mantra:


Say it multiple times a day until you believe it, until you FEEL IT!

So here we are, the beginning of 2021. A new year! For most of us it is after one of the hardest and could become most beautiful years of our lives! And we all must ask ourselves, from our INNER BEING, what are we going to do with it? What do we desire?

Although my life already is completely transformed, I still don’t have a workout routine, I still experience some nausea throughout the day, much much less than before, I still take naps 3-4 times a week, I am still rebuilding my business and who I AM! I am in a space where I can workout my mind. I am in a space where I can allow hope and positivity and dreams to enter for my ultimate well being! I am in a space where I am ready to answer the call of all that I was asking for back in August. And all of this because, I have a deep love and connection for and with My INNER BEING. I am ready to show up as the new beautiful expanding leader adn mother to be that I AM! And DAMN DOES THAT FEEL GOOD!

WELCOME 2021, the year, I am certain, will TRANSFORM EVERYTHING!

And we are back to LESSON 1: YOU ARE YOUR INNER BEING!