While moving through emotions:

Okay y’all!! Here’s the deal! We are at 30 weeks!! 

How has this gone so fast! I know they always say it but GOOT LAWD! This is warp speed!

I’m in the phase of pregnancy where I wake up and have no idea what emotions are going to rule the day!! 😆🤣😆

Can anyone relate!?

And on days that I am feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and down right sad, I find a few things helpful!

Oh wait, you thought I don’t go through those basic human feelings!? 

Ha! For sure I do, I’m just really stoked that I have carved our the tools and team of people in my corner to move through them with practice!

So what are the things:

1. Meditation! Yes I know broken record from my last post! But it’s real! It calms my mind and my feelings! 

Oh by the way:


They are more like little data entries that if un-observed can put way truth! 

The truth that… YOU ARE NOT BROKEN!

2. Writing! For me, writing these posts and my emails helps restructure my mind towards my desired reality!

3. People: connecting with my mom and other business women and friends who inspire me and listen and won’t let me argue for my limitations! 

4. I double up on my happy hormones!

For me they are the best dose duo of dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, & endorphins! My whole mood elevates within 10-15 of upticking these vital hormones that lesson with age!

Oh ya, did you forget that I am 39.5 and experiencing my first , -as they say, “geriatric pregnancy!” RUDE!

But I get it: Docs are only looking at my CHRONOLOGICAL AGE not my BIOLOGICAL AGE.

Hormones are real and they affect us all so differently! 

When I am on my happy hormones,

I am:

more patient with my husband.

I laugh at the silliest things! Like really laugh, the kind where tears start coming and you may or may not pee your pants!!

I want to move my body more and get some fresh air and be in nature!

I basically turn into a stoner hippy without having to inhale or take any CBD or THC!😂😂

With all of these tolls in my purse, cause let’s be honest I no longer wear pants with pockets;), I can move through the different emotional states of this pregnancy without spinning for too long and without carrying any shame forward!

And I want the same for you and your families! It is truly a blessing to be able to share this journey with all of you and I feel so much love and support from this community~

It is a new day y’all !!

Spring is about to be sprung!

Let’s allow in all the sunlight and happiness! Check out some fun videos below and