Do you find yourself thinking these questions over and over?

Who am I?

How do I connect with something bigger than myself?

What is my next best move?

How do I move forward?

Is there something more?

Who am I becoming?

Think of where you are in life right now…

As a parent, as a partner, as a friend, as a business person…

Are you showing up as the best you?

Do you feel truly happy in the most important relationship you have:


Do you feel lost in this discovery?

We are fully in the claws of the Winter. For some the hibernation and the cold is a play ground for outdoor wonderland and snowy bliss. For others, I would say most, it is the overwhelm of darkness and seclusion.

A time where the deep ominous clouds above start to become a mirror for the murkiness we feel inside. It takes a true dedication to alignment and joy to make it through this sometimes lonely and scary times.

I hear you:

“Jo, if it was that easy we all would do it and be happy little clams no matter what waves come crashing down!”

And to that I say, YUP! It is that SIMPLE! The EASINESS coming when you have guidance, support, and dedication!

AND THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME for us to CARVE OUT AN HOUR FOR YOU!   It is time for you to put on your oxygen mask FIRST before helping others.  It is a time to reintroduce yourself to yourself; your HIGHEST SELF. And I am here to help guide and support you through this time of SELF TRANSITION and TRANSFORMATION. 

More than that, I want you to feel connected. I want you to feel grounded. And I want you to feel completely at peace. Harnessed with the tools and practices you need to continue to navigate all times of change and transition. 

If there is even a fleck of doubt in any of these areas, then we MUST CONNECT.

Are you looking for clarity and guidance? WHAT IS NEXT?!

Together we will create a safe, spacious environment for you to lay the foundation of BECOMING YOU! A foundation that will serve you for the rest of your life.


What you will receive:

Guided meditation of love and light.

Your Soul/Lifetime Card: The signature of who you were born to be. Calculated from the MO/DAY/YR of your birth.

Your Current Growth Card: the cycle of energy/growth you are in NOW.

You will receive a three card spread for clarity and support to a specific situation or relationship.

Practical tools and practices to implement daily.

Closing guided meditation rooting in all that was received.

Are you ready CREATE a profound relationship with who you are and who you are becoming?