Do you look at your home and your closets and your pantry and think “OMG! MY WORLD and PHYSICAL SURROUNDINGS ARE CHAOS!”

Do you feel like, “If only Marie Kondo would show up at my door, everything would work out and I would be SAVED!”

I TOTALLY KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! I have moved 10 times in the last 12 years! Along that journey, I would get so frustrated with how disorganized my life and surrounds would get with each move. Seriously! It came to a point that I had moved this one box 9 times and had never opened it! It was full of CRAP!!!! Yet I moved it 9 frickin times! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! AND WE ARE DONE HERE! I finally said NO MAS AMIGO!!! It is time to make some permanent changes!

I have seriously read every book (thank you Marie Kondo), follow every blogger (ummm no one better than Clea and Joanna (THE), and am certifiably obsessed with DECLUTTERING and ORGANIZING my surroundings and therefore my life! AND DAMN IT FEELS SO GOOD!

AND NOW I WANT YOU TO FEEL a sense of PRIDE, ACCOMPLISHMENT, and FREEDOM, when you take these baby steps to create huge leaps in your decluttered life!

ARE YOU READY? Are you ready to have an accountability group that supports you on decluttering you mind, home and LIFE!?

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This program is about YOU!

YOU clearing out your mind!

YOU clearing out your home!

YOU creating the most loving space to walk into on the DAILY

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