HEALTHY YOU (free consult)

When you wake up, how do you feel?

When you eat, how do you feel?

When you workout, how do you feel?

When you go to bed, how do you feel?

If you answered anything other than AMAZING to these questions, then we need to connect !

We need to build a foundation of wellness based in science, so you can feel AMAZING EVERYDAY in EVERYTHING you do.

This will become your one stop shop for TRUE HEALTH!

Before I started this program over 11 years ago, I was 25yrs old and breaking down fast. As an ex-division 1 basketball player, I had been around world class trainers and coaches my entire life. I thought I knew my body, I thought I treated it well. I had done it all. Acupuncture, Chiropractic, homeopathy, meditation, vigorous workouts. As far as diets, you name it, I tried it. However I was also 25!! Going out on the regular, 4-5 nights a week, and partying until the wee hours of the morning, and really pushing my body to the brink…

To the brink of a breakdown! I lived in so much discomfort. For me it manifested in my gut and energy levels depleting. I knew I had to make a change, but didn’t know what to do. After months of cutting out everything from my night life to dairy, wheat, yeast, flower, sugar, my gut felt better, but I was miserable! Try going out to eat with friends and ordering lettuce with a side of air!!!! BOOOOOOOOOO!

My family and I were looking for a solution. Again not a bandaid, but rather a true LIFESTYLE SHIFT without having to deprive ourselves of a life.

For me it was a total gut healing in just 90 days. And I will say, I felt better after my first day!! Now 11 years later, I can eat what I want, when I want and I know that my gut is fortified nourished and supported. More than that I make better choices and my body tells me what it needs nutrition wise!

A friend of ours shared these amazing technologies with us and in a matter of days we all experience life transformational results.

For my mother, in a matter of minutes she felt real energy. She has struggled with energy issues her entire life and to feel true energy at the cell level for the first time was eye opening. LITERALLY, she described it as “a fog being lifted from her eyes. and that her energy and mental clarity we off the charts!” Again she felt this in 10 minutes!

For my father, his experience was all about repair. As an ex pro basketball player his body was in breakdown. Now at 64 he is back to his college playing weight and he can bench more now than he could in his 20s! He can train harder because he is repairing faster everyday! I would also like to point out that he is on ZERO MEDICATIONS and will be turning 65 in a few months! DID YOU KNOW the average 65 year old in America is on 6 medications, and it is a mathematical certainty that by the 7th med there will be an adverse reaction!

NOT IN OUR FAMILY! We wanted off. We wanted off the conveyor belt of treating bugs with drugs and having poly pharmacy and surgery be the option! NO THANK YOU!

Having been living this healthiest lifestyle for over a decade and truly understand the power behind teaming up with a group of scientist who study the worlds largest plant library to BRING THE BEST OF NATURE TO HUMAN KIND, we know what it takes to LIVE HEALTHY AT EVERY AGE.



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