Do you have a business that you love and now you are ready for the humans to see it and you, but you just don’t know the next step?

Are you in a life transition and ready, wanting, and craving to find what the next chapter of your life?

Have you been banging your head and heart against the wall wishing someone would just take your hand and say, “I GOT YOU! Let’s do this together!”

If this is where your heart and mind battle, MENTORING YOU is the next step in unlocking the rest of your life! It is time to create and elevate your health, happiness, and freedom!

I am beyond excited to navigate this new space with you.
Mentoring You includes all that comes in The Becoming You Session We will also take a deep dive into the exact business and future you want to create.
This is a 3 session intense deep dive. Plus 2 bonus check in and accountability sessions post our mentoring you program to maintain and enhance momentum!

  1. Lifetime Tarot Card (1HR)
    Current Tarot Growth Phase
    and understands how that impacts your business and leadership style.
  2. From there we will create a vision and mission: (1.5 Hrs) and game plan for your life, business and purpose. (cause really aren’t they all connected) Now comes the tangible part! We will create a cohesive and authentic online presence! From having an authentic instagram and facebook presence, to how to connect and build relationships with other businesses, influencers, and peeps in the online world. You will receive all of my tricks of the trade: perfect photo editing, what lighting I use, and basically all the systems that are tried and true and that I use on a daily basis!
  3. Lastly, we will call in your ideal clients and create a manifesting platform/practice for you to have as a foundation for all of the abundance in your life in all forms. (1HR)


  1. Monthly Zoom check in for 2 months post our Mentoring You 3 sessions. Each of these check ins will be 30 minutes to download and share major wins, what is working, areas you feel stuck.
  2. We will dive deeper into next steps for you and your business aaaand we will use the oracle cards for clarity and support!


  1. Access to our txt chain to bounce ideas and inspiration daily. To create new content and brain storm new insights and work through moments of feeling stuck!

Together we will navigate and explore your purpose, your business and create concrete movement to be seen by all the humans who NEED YOU~