Before working with Jordan, I honestly had no hesitations. She has a very loving and inviting spirit that i was instantly drawn to. The two sessions I have done with Jordan (Becoming You & Time With You) reaffirmed me of my path and potential and aligned me more with my true purpose. Brining more connected to that has changed a lot for me. It put me in a state of flow and being open to that energy opens me up to love and abundance and professional growth. I’ve gotten some incredible opportunities since that little mindset reset and my dream coach and business partners fell into my lap. It’s been so cool to watch unfold. Jordan is very intuitive. From the moment I met her, I felt very seen by her. The conversations we were having were like continuations of conversations I’d been having lately with some of my closest friends. Like she’d been there the whole time. She radiates love and joy and acceptance. I tell everyone to look her up. I gained so much from these sessions: Just knowing how to be confident in my calling and that I’m on the right path that will lead me to greatness and fulfillment along the way is everything. It affects me daily, and there’s no way the course of my path hasn’t been changed as a result. What are you unsure about?! Do it! It was such a treat to have theses experiences. I want everyone to get to have the same. -Mandy H. PNW. Photographer, Social Media Brand Stratagist/Influencer

Before my session of BECOMING YOU, I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t know too much about what the experience would be like with Jordan. After my session, I gained clarity around what the next step in life would look like for me. I could move forward with certainty and own that I wasn’t sure what would happen but that it was exactly in the cards (pun intended). Since our mini workshop, exactly what was described has been happening every single day. As scary as change is, I definitely have much more confidence that I’m “doing it right” since my experience with Jordan! She is so encouraging, honest, and explains everything in great detail. I loved working with her in this capacity and left the session feeling excited and energized! My future has been unfolding exactly as described since working with Jordan. I feel much more confidence in the process now! Definitely work with Jordan if you want an absolutely positive, supportive and real experience from someone who walks the walk. – Suzie A. Seattle, WA. Travel Influencer.

“Love and generosity flow out of Jojo in a wonderfully calming way – I just love being around her! Her intuition and intelligence have helped me navigate toward my best life. Jordan has a wonderful way of making life’s challenges seem more clear and simple. Rather than spout out advice, Jordan has a lovely way of helping me sort through issues and come up with solutions together. I highly recommend working with Jordan! She’s intelligent, intuitive, and flowing with positive energy. She genuinely enjoys helping others, and she’s good at it!” -Rose W. Seattle, WA American Ninja Warrior and Elite Spartan Athlete.

I loved Jordan from the movement I met her !!!! Through MENTORING YOU and HEALTHY YOU, Jordan has inspired me to reach for the stars! And be confident with being parting an amazing team. I love her free spirit and heart of integrity the most. She has definitely led by example that everything is possible! Put your fears aside … grab her coat tails and hang on!!! This girl is going places !!!!💫 -Kerri B. Reno, NV Owner of Pinacle Wellness Retreat Center & Spa. Business and health coach.

“Before working with Jordan in BECOMING YOU, I had some trepidation, but I try to approach new experiences with an open mind. I am currently in a spiritual search and understanding for myself. Working with Jordan in this workshop complemented and elevated my individual spiritual work. I love Jordan’s energy. She makes you feel safe and open to share. She has a tremendous amount of knowledge which shines through, all from a place of love. Since completing BECOMING YOU, I’ve learned to identify some of my given strengths as well as areas that challenge me. I’ve developed skills to help me best elevate myself beyond difficult situations. Jordan amazing and you won’t be disappointed! Trust that everything she does comes from a place of love and she truly wants to teach us all how to shine our inner light brighter.” -Ali B. Woodway, WA Mother of 2 & entrepreneur.

“Before working with Jordan in Healthy You and Mentoring You, i had limiting belief systems and self doubt. She helped me get on a health program that I have been using for 11 years and every time I tried taking a break or stopping I would notice such a difference in my energy levels, mood, sleep, digestive system, etc. Jordan has also helped with in business, relationships, helped me transform into a much healthier and happier person overall! Jordan is always positive, upbeat, genuine and such a pleasure to work with. I instantly felt like we had been friends for years and despite the distance between us, she is always available anytime I’ve ever needed anything. She truly has helped me since day one. She helped change the way I look at and approach business and dealing with people and setbacks. Go with your gut! She truly is as sincere and amazing as she seems. You won’t regret having Jordan help you :)” -Tara, Maryland

“Before working with Jordan I felt lack of clarity, confidence. What I like best about working with Jordan is her great energy! She is vibrant, intelligent, vulnerable, curious, and passionate. She reminds me to stay positive and optimistic no matter the current reality. If you are looking for someone that will hold space so you can speak your truth, ask your questions, stay curious, feel the safety, and experience the transformation, then Jordan is beyond that person for you.” -Marijke.BC, The Pleiades. 😉

“Before working with Jordan in BECOMING YOU, I was just worried about hearing something negative about who I am. I really wanted to break patterns I felt had a negative impact on my mental health. Jordan is so personable and overall positive. She truly makes you feel special and gives you the sense you want to share her outlook on life. After taking BECOMING YOU, I am hoping I can adopt her philosophy on life. Life in general, but learning to love myself. She gave me the sense of seeing that I’m worth it 🙂 Jordan is all positive energy and is someone that I not only enjoyed these workshops with, but someone I want to be friends with. :)” -Amy P. Shoreline, WA Mother of 2

“What makes Jordan so unique, and special, is her ability to “bridge” areas that might otherwise seem disconnected or unrelated. Her ability to weave the mysterious and esoteric in to “where the rubber meets the road” provides an opportunity for all of us to both find real world application and to learn how to discover those bridges ourselves. Additionally, Jordan’s ability to encourage and to support is palpable. When you speak, you can feel her listen. I highly recommend working with her.” -Tim S. Colorado Father, husband, coach/trainer.

“Before working with Jordan in BECOMING YOU and MENTORING YOU ,I needed to find my voice! Since starting this work, I am more open and now can receive from the universe what it has always wanted to give me. What I love about working with Jordan is her positivity! Together, we can work through anything! What I now feel is life is wide open! Anything is possible! I’m open to receive. I totally encourage you to trust the process and those who are put on your life path.” -Hayden H. Truckee, CA Mother, jewelry designer, and entrepreneur.

“After working with Jordan in MENTORING YOU, I believe in myself and have more clarity on how to stay present and trust. She’s inspiring, has a great attitude and brings enthusiasm and clarity as a coach. I’ve learned to trust myself and to follow my intuition and be the leader that I am. Get her while you can. Jordan will not have room for all of the clients she’s going to acquire. She’s an amazing coach!” -David R. Los Angeles, CA Childhood Actor, International Motivational Speaker, business and health coach.

Before working with Jordan in HEALTHY YOU and MENTORING YOU, I was just retiring from a furniture business and also busy with a vineyard and winery and did not need another business! But my body was starting to break down, so I new I need to do something. Jordan’s energy, enthusiasm and incredible speaking ability and passion, made me realize I wanted to be apart of something bigger than me, and I wanted to help others discover their health and their ability to succeed in business and in life. Now that I am working with Jordan consistently in MENTORING YOU, I continue to thrive in my business that is so rewarding! You can become an incredible leader with her beside you!” -Edie J Walla Walla, WA Owner of Plumb Wines, business and health coach.

“Before working with Jordan in MENTORING YOU and HEALTHY YOU, I was very skeptical about the MLM as an industry. I had only negative MLM experiences and was “never” going to ever, be part of “one of those cult-like things. Since working with Jordan on a close one on one personal level, I have learned to believe in my own discernment, set goals, achieve those goals without losing my “self.” Jordan is compassionate and empathetic and willing to work as hard as I will/do. The effects of Jordan’s coaching has had far reaching benefits. Not only have I been blessed to work with her, but my family as well as my business organization has experienced positive results physically, spiritually and financially. For all those wavering, open your heart and mind; be coachable and you will experience joyful growth.” -Rita E. Reno, NV Owner of a dental practice, and certified wellness consultant, business coach.

“Before finding Jordan, I was looking for a mentor, but it was hard to decipher authenticity. Everyone is coaching! I wanted to connect with someone who is being authentic and loving. Since working with Jordan in MENTORING YOU and HEALTHY YOU, I actually feel amazing! I love her clarity and joy. I now live more in the present and as a result live in freedom. There is only one Jordan and there’s only one you. Take advantage of the fact You were lucky enough to cross paths.” Lynn R. Los Angeles, Ca Mother of 4, business and health coach.

“Jordi is a loving genuinely caring person who is passionate about connecting people to a life they can live with joy and vibrant health. She will help you achieve what you want, she knows where she is going! I love this girl!” -Susan M. Sisters, Oregon