Do you feel disconnected to your higher self?

Do you feel lost with what to do next in your life?

Do you lay awake knowing that there is something more, but not sure how to get there?

Do you need guidance and soul purpose for what to do next!

If you answered yes to any of the above, you just need a sounding board and a vision session with your trusted soul friend and guide. You need a game plan to set in motion your visions, wants and desires.


It is that time of year again, when summer is but a blink of an eye and we having fallen, sometime not so gracefully, into fall.

For some, this is a welcomed transition of decorations and fall decor, class schedules and routine. For others it is a moment where we mourn the loss of freedom and play, and have failed to realized how quickly and unconsciously we have fallen into a rut.

Either way you feel, it is definitely a moment of change! A time of the in between. Going from what is and what has been, to the blurry unknown of what is around the bend.  For this time of transition you need a trusted soul friend and guide.  

This is a perfect time for us to CARVE OUT AN HOUR FOR YOU!   It is time for you to put on your oxygen mask FIRST before helping others.  It is a time to reintroduce yourself to yourself, your HIGHEST SELF. And I am here to help guide you through this time of SELF TRANSITION and TRANSFORMATION. 

More than that, I want you to feel connected. I want you to feel grounded. And I want you to feel completely at peace. Harnessed with the tools and practices you need to continue to navigate all times of change and transition. 

Through the wisdom of the Oracle Cards, we will start the dialog and you will feel connected more so than ever with your higher self and know exactly what to do next.


It is time to receive new guidance from your helpers and higher self: to rediscover and go further into your presence and practice.  

It begins now, and it begins right here.